Titanium Development and Computer Corp (TDAC)

Welcome to Titanium Development and Computer Corp.

Founded in 2013 by Duane Anderson, Titanium Development is the leading ACT! add-on and custom project developer. Duane has been working with ACT! for 20+ years and is the original creator of the ACT! diagnostic tools, the database repair tools and a host of other custom apps. These were developed during his tenure at Symantec Corp when they owned the ACT! software product. Duane left Symantec Corp as a Senior Product Engineer to create the software side of the business at ASDS Computer Corp located in Denver, Colorado. From his office in Oregon, Duane headed up development of retail software for ASDS as well as hundreds of custom add-ons for the ACT! contact manager. After 13+ years as Chief Software Architect at ASDS, Duane formed Titanium Development and Computer Corporation, located in Redmond, Oregon.