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ACT!, Act, Act! or act!

If you know me, Duane at all, you’ll know I’m a real stickler for details.  I’m very exacting and that includes my everyday writing.  While I may not be the world’s foremost wordsmith, I do like to keep words spelled as they should be.  Even in texting, I have a hard time typing  u  instead of  you  and not using punctuation.  This leads me to word ACT!.  Yes, it looks funny with a period after it, but it’s technically correct.  The original and longstanding title for the software product we all know and love is, “ACT!” in all caps with an exclamation point.  When I see someone talk about ACT! and they spell it as Act or Act! it bugs me.  Not sure why, but it does.  At any rate, ACT! is now owned by Swiftpage and has formally changed the name to act! (all lowercase with the exclamation).  The reason I bring this up is, you’ll see me use the word ACT on my site in all uppercase with no exclamation.  It pains me to do this, but the search engine optimization doesn’t like the exclamation point being there.  So know that anywhere you see ACT on the TDAC site, just know deep down inside I refer to it as actLogo

Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to Titantium Development and Computer Corp (TDAC for short). Let me introduce myself. I’m Duane Anderson, CEO & President of TDAC. I’ve been in the computer software and hardware business for over 30 years. What started as a curiosity in the 7th grade blossomed into a full time career, with a few stops along the way. I started with Symantec Corp in 1993 and worked solely on the ACT! product line until December of 1999 when I was recruited to ASDS Computer Company. I created the software side of the business creating an award winning line of retail products and 100’s of custom applications, plugins and tools for the ACT! Software product. After 13+ years at ASDS, I decided to form my own company allowing me to expand my business knowledge, develop my own retail software & custom projects as well as being in control of my own destiny. I look forward to this next adventure and I sincerely hope that TDAC will earn your trust and business.